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  • The Alfa Blue Team talks about its first fifty years ...
    Half a century of age is an important milestone for anyone. You imagine when the celebrations are not for one person, but for a passion. Passion that, for fifty years, has united the members of the Alfa Blue Team, one of the most famous Alfa Romeo collectors' clubs in Italy and abroad. Born in 1972 by Gippo Salvetti, Stefano Salvetti, Emilio and Giorgio Garavaglia, Claudio Bonfioli and Guido delli Ponti, it has, over the years, always “gathered” new friends and hosted fans from all over the world. Password: A.B.T., Alfa Romeo, Beauty, Tradition ... And so today, fifty years later, the Members can blow out the coveted fifty candles in front of an audience of Alfa Romeo cars (but not only, also trucks, aircraft engines, etc.), mainly born after the war until 1986, year in which Alfa entered Fiat orbit, without forgetting the dear friends who are no longer there today but who have given so much to the Club. An extraordinary story for all those who love (beautiful) cars, collected in a volume of 360 pages and 760 photographs.
  • Enzo Ferrari from a completely unusual point of view
    Here is “Ferrari a tavola”, by Sergio Cassano: the "missing piece" in the reconstruction of the life of Enzo Ferrari, one of the most important and controversial figures of the last century. Italian text
  • Two splendid 1:12 scale models of cars that made history!
    Due splendidi modelli in scala 1:12 di automobili che hanno fatto la storia! La Berlinetta e la Barchetta Touring Superleggera Fucina propone, in serie limitata di 99 esemplari (autografati da Giovanni e Alberto Bianchi Anderloni, eredi della famiglia che ha dato vita alla Carrozzeria Touring), una speciale interpretazione della “Berlinetta” e della “Barchetta” Touring grazie a un procedimento innovativo: la stampa 3D realizzata con l’ecologico PLA. Come nel più puro stile Touring la bellezza, di nuovo, si fonde coll’innovazione. Due oggetti preziosi, in un’altrettanto preziosa confezione, per la scrivania, la libreria, il garage degli appassionati o per un regalo importante che farà felice chi potrà stringerli tra le proprie mani…
  • Carrozzeria Touring: 90 years
    For all lovers of vintage cars the Carrozzeria Touring it is synonymous with elegance, sophistication combined aerodynamic efficiency. The important history of the Touring is included in this new book signed by Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni, grandson of the founder Felice and son successor’s Carlo Felice, realized thanks to the archive of the family Bianchi Anderloni and the support of the most important national archives and an extensive perusal of the vintage magazines. Two volumes more than 750 pages and over 1300 pictures, in limited edition 999 copies.
  • Finally available “Autoritratto” by Enrico Fumia
    After the preview last September, here is finally available “Autoritratto” by Enrico Fumia. A work that shows the world of car design, the author of which is one of the leading Italian designers in this area, thanks to his experience at Pininfarina and as head of the Centro Stile Lancia. Hundreds of photos, many new details, here is the important contribution of Enrico Fumia, which reveals details that are often unknown.
  • AlfaRuggine
    • Alessandro Salvetti
    • Stefano Salvetti
  • Alboretro: gasoline in the veins
    Alboreto: gasoline in the veins (GB)
    • Ermanno Alboreto
  • Alfa Romeo: la tela di Penelope
    Alfa Romeo: la tela di Penelope
    • Italo Rosa
  • AUTOritratto
    • Enrico Fumia
  • Fifteen times (GB)
    • Giacomo Agostini
    • Luca Delli Carri
  • Genio ed epidemia
    Genio ed epidemia
    • Claudio Costa
  • L'eroe che è in te
    L'eroe che è in te
    • Claudio Costa
  • Pilota senza ali
    Pilota senza ali
    • Siegfried Stohr
  • Alboretro
    • Ermanno Alboreto
  • Marco's victory (GB)
    • Claudio Costa
  • Alex looks skywards (GB)
    • Claudio Costa
    • Alex Zanardi
  • Grand prix college (GB)
    • Claudio Costa
  • Quinze fois (F)
    • Giacomo Agostini
    • Luca Delli Carri
  • Doctorcosta (GB)
    • Claudio Costa
  • Grand prix college (E)
    • Claudio Costa
  • Il numero uno
    • Hans Ruesch

Fucina publisher was founded in 2001 by Gippo Salvetti, born in Milan in 1952.
Fucina publishes books about the world of cars and motorbikes which aim to provide something different from the clichéd works offered by other Italian editors.
Fucina has launched a series of books that narrate the car and motorcycle scene from a whole new angle, making them less of a history lesson and a far more enjoyable read - yet without skimping on accurate research.
In addition to books of narrative in Italian, Fucina has also published books in English, French and Spanish.
Among these "Fifteen Times", biography sample Giacomo Agostini, "doctorcosta" by Dr. Claudio Costa, the doctor of racers of MotoGP, "Grand Prix College" and "Marco's victory".
In addition to narrative, Fucina also publishes a series of illustrated books that stand out on account of their curious subject matter.
These books are bilingual, with Italian and English text. The first of the series is "Alfazioso", a delicious blend of images and words that gives an ironic account of the whimsical world inhabited by an Alfa Romeo collector.
Were later published "Alfazioso2", "Curiosalfa", "100X100 cento alfa per cen'tanni" (a hundred Alfa in hundred years), and "Alfavelate".