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Claudio Costa
ISBN: 978-88-88269-25-2
224 pages, 94 photos,
size 15x21 cm, hardcover
28,00 €
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Grand prix college (E)

A lomos de una moto... la mejore de la escuelas!

Spanish text
Thoughts and confessions from a doctor who has been following the World Motorcycling Championship for some 40 years. A doctor who, faced with the suffering of accident or illness, believes that the most effective cures are not hospital beds or plaster but, rather, inspiring dreams. The very philosophy makes motorcycle racing not just a spectacular sport but also an unsurpassable school that gives children a unique opportunity to experience and train their emotions.
It is the very audaciousness of motorcycling, its inherent risks, that bring them to an early maturity by awarding them the joy of exuberance and the weight of responsibility. And to counterbalance the parental unease that stems from the prospect of injury there are Doctor Costa’s “fables”, his belief that the heart is the world’s greatest teacher, possessor of a knowledge that cold reason ignores.