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Claudio Costa
Genio ed epidemia
ISBN: 978-88-88269-63-4
64 pages,
size 15x21 cm, paperback
10,00 €
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Genio ed epidemia

The story of Dr. Semmelweis, the Saviour of Mothers

After treating the riders of the Moto GP, dottorcosta, like everyone else forced to a long period of "isolation" due to the Coronavirus pandemic, dedicates part of his time to reading. In particular, he is struck by a book by Louis-Ferdinand Celine, in which the genius of Dr. Semmelweis and his struggle to defeat the plague of deaths from puerperal fever in hospitals of the mid-19th century is told. Fight against his own colleagues and their “academic blindness”, even before that apparently incurable disease. Claudio Costa, himself a visionary doctor, falls in love with this brilliant, courageous and controversial figure, and transposes the historical story and scientific research of Semmelweis into a theatrical script that involves the reader and makes him relive in the first person those facts as compelling and painful.