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Alessandro Salvetti - Stefano Salvetti
ISBN: 978-88-88269-53-5
112 page, 181 photo,
size 21x21 cm, paperback
20,00 €
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Multilingual: Italian, English, French, German

A curious journey through panoramas of particular vehicles left in oblivion, in need of loving restoration; panoramas with many Alfa Romeos, then perhaps in the latest fashion, now old-fashioned... and rusty. It's true, rust ruins everything: it eats away at the sheet metal, swells the paint, makes the car unpresentable for many... but in reality it has the advantage of an important historical trace, that of a "preserved" car, very useful for future restorations. This is how two very rare Alfa 1900s can tell about themselves, much more than it might appear to a casual glance... or trucks that have spent nine lives. An evocative work in which the images speak for themselves, but which also contains interesting and even ironic multilingual notes (Italian, English, French and German), to allow everyone (even the less experienced) to appreciate the unpublished shots contained in the over a hundred pages.