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Gippo Salvetti

Gianfilippo Salvetti, Gippo to his friends, was born in February 1952.
Classical education, he works as a building contractor, and is married with a wife who doesn't drive and two sons fortunately interested in engines.
He has always been an Alfa Romeo enthusiast, and since 1970 and in 1972 founded the Alfa Blue Team, a club for true Alfa enthusiasts.
He's an amateur photographer, in black and white photo technique, and a collector of vintage wines and sub-standard movie cameras.
Some years ago he published his book, Immagini e parole (Pictures & words) a collection of black and white photographs and poetry.
Having seen the success of this venture (several hundred copies given to friends and acquaintances) he promised never to write another book.
But after came the first Alfazioso, L’importante è che la morte ci trovi vivi, Alfazioso2, 100x100 cento alfa per cent’anni and Alfavelate.