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Gippo Salvetti
ISBN: 978-88-88269-31-3
160 pages, 186 photos,
size 28x24 cm, hardcover
40,00 €
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Alfavelate (IT/GB)

Book not available

Bilingual text (Italian / English)
All us collectors dream of finding the automobile of a lifetime inside an old, abandoned barn.
Nevertheless, being able to lift a "shroud" and discover something that has been long forgotten will always be a huge thrill.
Many such "shrouds" still cover the Alfa Romeos that silently repose in the Museum at Arese as they await more deserving accommodation - and we believe that everyone, Alfa enthusiasts and non, should be able to share the joy of unveiling them with us.
Even if it only means looking at them, knowing that "they're there", that they still "live" even though they cannot be bought.
They're not for sale because, as of today, they belong to everyone.