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Marcello Lo Vetere
Uomini in moto
ISBN: 978-88-88269-36-8
128 pages, 10 photo,
size15x21 cm, paperback
9,00 €
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Uomini in moto

Racconti e cronache durante la crisi economica

Italian text
The story of a journey through the difficulties of recent years in which the bike with its balance, it is a metaphor for life itself.
A motorcyclist leaves the Misano track and began his road racing on his bike super sport.
The second part is a story born from intense dialogue with the protagonists of each chapter: exclusive stories, real, recorded.
The interviewees: Vincent Arnoult, Nicky Hayden, Giuseppe Ayala, Luca Scassa, Frankie Chili, Massimo Calvi, Stefano Cordara, Vincenzo Amelina, Casey Stoner, Paolo Tassi, Fabio Sirchio and …