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Stefano Salvetti
l'altra alfa
ISBN: 978-88-88269-38-2
448 pages, 590 photos
size 28x24 cm, hardcover
60,00 €
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l'altra alfa (IT/GB)

autocarri, autobus e filobus Alfa Romeo

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Bilingual text (Italian / English)
This work concerns the fabled world of Alfa Romeo, in particular the forgotten range of commercial vehicles.
It covers the story of heavy vehicles built at the Portello and Pomigliano factories as well as those built by FNM in Brasil but it also traces the history of an industry that survived the difficult times between the 1930’s and the 1960’s.
Here is a hidden face of Alfa Romeo, suggested in the book title l’altra alfa (“the other alfa’s”), that usually remained in the shadow of better known products, despite its strong financial value to the company, especially in the post war period when large military orders for aircraft engines no longer arrived.
Finally those stupendous lorries, motor-buses and trolley-buses are presented here in their true importance. With the aircraft engines, they kept the company afloat in the 1930’s, were the main source of income in the 1940’s and the principal sector of activity afterwards, until the appearance of the Alfa 1900 saloon car.
The commercial vehicle department usually maintained equal profitability with the privately sold Alfa car models and sometimes exceeded them. The original historical research that has gone into the production of this volume, together with many hitherto unpublished images, goes a long way towards filling the gaps in an already rich collection of Alfa Romeo book titles and it represents a vital chapter
in the comprehensive history of our favourite motor manufacturer.